Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Highs and Lows of a New Online Business

When you finally make the decision to start your own online business I can safely say that you will feel slightly anxious, overwhelmed, unsure and even scared! You are not alone in this. This is a natural feeling for anybody whether they are starting an online business or jumping out of an aeroplane on their first parachute jump. But people do overcome their fears and that is why the internet marketing industry is booming.

Okay, your domain name is registered, you have found a host, your autoresponder is set up, your website is all ready to be introduced to the world. So, you start advertising the way you have been taught, you buy leads, you join traffic exchanges, you write articles, you use pay per click advertising and so on. You are now highly excited at the prospect of earning a fortune overnight. DOH!

The very next day finds you in your website host statistics area, checking to see how many visitors have been to your website. You feel quite impressed that over one hundred people have been to your new site and had a look around. So, you then go to check out how many sales you have made. WAIT! None ? Zilch ? Zada ? What the hell happened here ? You were expecting at least a couple of sales, surely !

Oh well you say, never mind, let me check how many have signed up for my newsletter. Wow ! You have gained twenty five new subscribers. This is an instant high and you feel like you have achieved a miracle.

A week goes by with lots of visitors and maybe more subscribers but still no sales. You are now starting to feel a little despondent but strangely still optimistic because you are still advertising like you have been taught.

Time goes by and you have changed your sales copy, maybe you have even tweaked your website design a little. You feel that anything you can do to improve what your visitors experience when they visit your website will surely improve your sales. You try and try and try. You scratch your head and twiddle your thumbs, waiting with baited breath for that first sale.

Boom, bang , zap, wallop ! You have received notification of your first sale and now your feelings change dramatically. You have, in an instant, gone from feeling despondent and bemused to suddenly feeling like climbing Everest with one hand tied behind your back and your trousers missing would be no problem whatsoever. From just one sale the transformation in you is amazing. Of course, now you are hoping for more sales, so you repeat your advertising techniques hoping and praying that you will become rich in a short space of time.

Now, as all internet marketers will tell you, getting rich quickly does not happen unless you happen upon a miracle. Internet businesses need to be grown, like a seed, from baby into fully grown adult. Obviously this takes time and over this period of time you will probably experience a multitude of emotions. I know I have !

Anyway, from my own experiences with this business all I can say to you is this, do not give up, no matter how low you feel, because with perseverance, your online business can succeed. No, I am not a massively successful guru but like thousands of others I am willing to learn and put the effort in. You can too, regardless of what emotions you go through. You have to stay focused.

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